NikNaks Plakkies - NikNak Slops - NikNak Flip Flops

NikNaks Plakkies / Flip Flops / Slops

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Some call them PLAKKIES, other revert to them as SLOPS or FLIP FLOPS but

Local is always Lekker when you add LOCAL nostalgic branding!!!!


The History of NikNaks in South Africa:
First introduced in 1972, NikNaks, also known as "amaNikNaks," is the popular brand of South African Cheese puffs manufactured by the Simba Chips company.
The brand is available in various flavours but originally it was only available in a "Cheese" flavour.
Over the years, the maize snack has gone through various packaging revamps and the familiar NikNaks icon ‘Nik the Nak’ has been given a facelift. It was first introduced as a middle-aged comic-like character but has since evolved into a funkier more youthful male, symbolising elements of youth culture.