Lucky Star Socks
Lucky Star Socks
Lucky Star Socks
Lucky Star Socks

Lucky Star Adult Novelty Socks

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Local is Lekker with our FUNKY LOCAL BRANDS Socks!!!!

A soft one size fits all pair that will reach above your calf.
Socks Length: Bottom of Heel to Top of Leg / Approx 19cm
Size: One Size Fits All


The History of Lucky Star in South Africa:
Every South African recognises the iconic red, yellow star & striped and blue wave of Lucky Star. You see it painted on shop fronts and used in local design. That’s because, since 1959, Lucky Star has been helping generations of South Africans put tasty and nutritious meals on the table and in the lunch box.

Originally, from California, Federal Fish Packers bought the “Your Lucky Star” brand in 1955 and in 1959, it became Lucky Star, the brand you know and love to this day. The iconic brand has become the market leader in the canned fish industry. Trusted for its great taste and consistent quality.