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Chappies Wrapper Adult Novelty Socks

Chappies Wrapper Adult Novelty Socks

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Local is Lekker with our FUNKY LOCAL BRANDS Socks!!!!
Our socks are tailored to comfortably fit shoe sizes 5 to 11 (Adult foot – one size fits all) crafted from durable polyester material. They measure approximately 19cm from the bottom of the heel to the top of the leg.


The History of Chappies in South Africa:

Chappies is a brand of bubblegum introduced in South-Africa in the late 1940s. Chappies was created by Arthur Ginsburg while working for Chapelat, a Johannesburg based confectionery manufacturer.


The name Chappies became synonymous with the word bubblegum. It became an iconic South African sweet, recognised by everyone in its distinctive yellow wrapper with blue and red stripes, and chipmunk head with the inclusion of "Did you know" trivia on the inside of the wrappers.

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